COVID-19 Updates

Yes, Ultimate Party Bus is still open and operating!

How We're Keeping You Safe

At Ultimate Party Bus, we strive to maintain a healthy, safe environment for your party. Here are some of the precautions we are taking to keep you safe:

  • Increased Cleaning & Disinfecting: We clean the bus between each party to make sure every surface is sanitized prior to use. We are also power washing the buses more frequently to help clean all available surfaces.
  • Hand Sanitizer: We have hand sanitizer available on the bus, and we encourage each party goer to use it frequently, particularly after touching communal surfaces. Your driver and bartender will also be sanitizing the hands frequently to help prevent the spread of germs.
  • Disposable Utensils: Each party-goer will be given their own disposable cups during your ride and disposable utensils will be used by the bartender whenever possible.
  • UV Sunlight: Promising studies have shown that exposing a surface directly to UV sunlight aides in killing the germs that cause the COVID-19 virus. Because our buses are open-air, the surfaces of our bus are constantly being exposed to UV rays that will help kill harmful bacteria.
  • Masks: While masks are not required on our buses, we strongly encourage our party-goers to use them when they are not drinking on our bus. We also encourage social distancing on the bus when possible.

For personal safety recommendations in regard to COVID-19, please see the current CDC guidelines. We will keep this page updated if anything changes.