Where is your pickup location?

Our pickup location is 400 Davidson Street, Nashville, TN 37213

This is a large industrial building with multiple businesses inside. Please go around to the back parking lot and continue all the way to the back of that lot past the NASH mural, and look for our busses which all say “THE ULTIMATE PARTY” on them. If you don’t see them right away, they will be arriving 5-10 mins prior to your scheduled time.

Is there a bathroom on the bus?

No. There is not a bathroom on the party bus, but we do take at least (1) restroom break one hour into your tour.

Is this a bar crawl?

We’ve built the party bus to be your own personal bar, so other than taking a bathroom break, the party bus is made to be an all-inclusive bar/party/dance floor for you & your party.

Can we party longer than two hours?

Yes, absolutely! Call for pricing and availability. (615) 594-1734

Can we smoke onboard?

No, but we do allow vaping. You can always smoke during bathroom breaks, just not on the bus.

What is the route we will take?

Your party bus will go through and around Downtown Nashville but we do not have a specific route. Occasionally Lower Broadway has street closures, which may or may not prevent us from operating directly Downtown Nashville.

Is Gratuity included?

We Include a minimum of 15% at the time of booking, which goes to your host/bartender. If you would like to tip the driver or extra to the host/bartender that is greatly appreciated!

What if I need to cancel my tour?

Due to the recent changes in travel plans due to the Coronavirus, our cancellation policy has changed. If you need to cancel we will offer a credit for future use that is fully transferable, has no blackout dates and no expiration.

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